Split Personality Blogging

I have had a hard time trying to write this next blog entry, although I have thought of dozens of things to write about in the past week. I believe the problem is that I don't have a strong enough focus for this blog. Currently it's devoted to talking about social neuroscience and related academic issues, but I'm more inclined to write about other things that catch my fancy, such as our move to Oz in a few months. And then there's the issue of my intended "audience." Do I really want to talk to other academics exclusively, or am I more interested in having my family and friends read these entires? Or, do I have any intention of attracting a regular audience of any type?!

The answers to these questions will be sorted out in the coming weeks. I think at present I am going to make it a more personal blog, and leave the more academic aspects to my lab website , which has its own blog about journal articles, etc. I also want to invite my close friends and family to this blog after a few more entries, so that I can bring them along in our travels. Thanks to "Tori" for this suggestion!