The Promise of Something Better

As I write this we have about as many days to go before The Big Move as the characters on "Lost" have been wandering around that enormous island with those scary spiders and beautiful beaches.

I was recently asked on the Yanks Down Under forum to elaborate about a comment I made. I had stated that we are moving to Brisbane because of "the promise of something better." What does this mean? Well, first there is the job at UQ. It certainly is better for me both professionally and personally. Professionally, it's going to reconnect me to my research interests and give me much more time to concentrate on my lab, write articles, and maybe even read! Personally, this job should give me some more time to spend with my wife and son as well.

Besides the job, there is the promise of many other things too...the adventure that includes experiencing a different culture and country (for at least a few years), being near the ocean once again, the relative safety and better quality of life in Brisbane (compared to most major cities in the U.S.), being able to have a short commute to work (I am hoping that I can walk to my office from home), a slower pace of life, a more family-centric society, the possibility of traveling to other places "nearby," the shedding of all the junk we have accumuated back in the States, a chance to re-energize our lives, and a place where Victoria can reconnect with her British roots.

Besides, it will be a real treat to hear Will say one day, "No worries, mate!"