The Secret That Got Away

Well, it's no longer a secret to the people that matter most to me here in the States. I have told nearly everyone that would be affected that we are moving to Oz, and it's quite a relief. Today's big reveal was to my six graduate students, who, while very supportive of my decision, looked quite stunned as they walked away. You see, my current dean will not allow me to stay on in an unpaid capacity for the coming year so that I could direct them while they finish off their dissertations and theses. Instead, the most I can hope for is to play the role of "consultant" or "external committee member" on their projects. They are left trying to figure out who will be their next mentor, and, more importantly, what they will do once our Social Neuroscience lab is shut down in '08.

On a more positive note, our son Will has started pointing to objects when asked about where they are. He can now identify a plastic butterfly, the lights, the TV, the clock, and each of his parents when prompted. How can such simply activities appear to be so miraculous? I guess only parents can really appreciate "the little stuff!"