Psyched Down Under

That's a picture of my new workplace (in about three months) taken last October at the University of Queensland. The School of Psychology is huge compared to my current department at Georgia State. My new position will be in biological psychology, but it will have clear connections to the social psych folks, making this a truly "social neuroscience" position. I'm excited about all the new colleagues I'm going to have, although I will be leaving some great ones behind in Atlanta.

I got a lot accomplished this week towards our move, including telling most of my family members about what's about to take place. I also discovered that the wait time for an employer-sponsored permanent working visa could be as long as 5 months, so I'm simultaneously applying for a temporary visa (processing time=2 months). I also began the many steps in getting our cat, Sammy, ready for the move. Yesterday she was microchipped (a chip about the size of a grain of rice was injected between her shoulder blades) and given her rabies and other vaccinations. We go back in 30 days for rabies titre test that will then need to be approved by a USDA official in Conyers, GA.

In the meantime I worry about getting the house sold and timing everything just right in terms of the shipping dates, selling our stuff, and flying to Oz. Thank goodness I have our little family as a source of comfort!