Against the Clock

Some spam that I received today, obviously in response to the hard work of my alter-ego:

Dear Dr. Vanman,

WHO has declared H1N1 pandemic on June 11, 2009. You are probably working against the clock to create effective vaccines and discover the infection mechanisms. You do not have to fight against the pandemic alone; GenScript is at your side to help accelerate your projects. In fact, we have already delivered over a dozen custom services for the H1N1 research community and prominent pharmaceutical companies.

Please Visit for more information.

As a leading Biology CRO, here are selected services/products GenScript can offer to speed up your race to understand the infection and to prevent its spreading:

Synthesis of H1N1 specific genes:
—hemagglutinin (HA), neuraminidase (NA), matrix 1 (M1), polymerase PB1 (PB1), polymerase PB1 (PB2), etc.

Molecular biology services:
—gene synthesis, knock-In and knock-out vector construction, PCR cloning and subcloning, mutagenesis and custom siRNA to prepare seed virus, especially when reverse genetics method is used.

Antibody service:
—produce reference reagent used to validate the identity and potency of the reference virus strain (seed virus).

Stable cell line:
—attractive alternative to egg-based H1N1 vaccine production technology

Please visit for more information, and our customer service representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

Yours sincerely,

Maggie Li
Account Manager
GenScript USA Inc.
120 Centennial Avenue
Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA