Take a Tour of Our Neighborhood!

Street View has come to Google Maps Australia.  The advent of a feature that has been available in the U.S. for quite a while has generated some controversy here.  In the past few days, the Aussie newspapers have been highlighting privacy issues (e.g., "there was the man caught leaving his lover's apartment" or "people have been photographed sunbathing topless").  Today's Courier-Mail article included this link to the Streetviewfun top 100 photos, which includes a photo of an accident that occurred just as the Google photo van was passing by.  I think Street View is absolutely cool.  I have explored my old neighborhood in Atlanta as well as my brother's in Illinois.  Now you can explore our neighborhood here in Toowong, Queensland. To get you oriented, that's our two-story apartment on the middle of the picture (behind the pole).  Then continue exploring our street in the Google window below the picture.