The Rebel American

Today I lectured for nearly six hours, which, at my ripe old age, is physically exhausting.  At the end of my day I took the CityCat boat from the university to our neighbourhood landing, and then I walked from there through the Toowong Village Shopping Centre on my way home.  Tired and worn out, I found my tolerance for slow walkers in some of the narrower passageways had disintegrated.  During my last few turns in the Centre I was overcome with the urge to resist walking on the left (as one does in Australia) and instead started WALKING ON THE RIGHT SIDE--much to the chagrin of several Aussies coming from the opposite direction.  Oh, how sweet it was to walk on "my side" once again, even if it was for a few brief moments.  I believe a little rebellion every once in a while can do the soul good.