I'm a Podcaster Now

We had some (unusual) significant rainfalls the last few days, which are finally putting the Brisbane dam levels above 40% (later today), the first time they have reached that level since 2005. There will be some easing of water restrictions, but nothing that will really matter until the dams reach 60%. With all this wet weather has come some cold temperatures, which have caused many of my colleagues to "rug up" like the girl in this photo. The max yesterday was around 14 C (57.2 F), which is frigid for longtime Queenslanders, most of whom don't have any real heat in their homes. As for me, I find this weather quite nice!

This week I began giving lectures for the second semester at UQ. I'm teaching a new course, Social Neuroscience, which I'm really excited about because the topic is very close to my core interests. But it also requires a lot of preparation because I am having to read a lot of new research that has been published only in the last 2-3 years. As part of the course, I'm recording my lectures as video podcasts. I have some software on my laptop that records the slides the students are seeing while also recording the audio. I am making the podcasts available on my socialneuro website, where you can even subscribe to the entire course via your local iTunes app. Listening to myself, however, makes me wish for a low, deeply resonating voice like you hear on FM radio. A guy can dream...