A Tornado Ran Through It

As most of you know, we lived in Atlanta, Georgia up until last July, and we still own a house in one of the suburbs there that we are trying to sell. Well, a tornado (maybe two?) hit downtown Atlanta at around 10 pm Friday night local time. My job was at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta, so I know the entire area that was hit very well. One of my former students has sent some links to Flickr albums that contain amateur photos of the destruction:
It is terribly disorienting to see something so familiar look so devastated. The picture below, in particular, gave me a shiver. It appears to have been taken just ESE of Georgia State, in an area where many students and faculty I know live. I hope they are all OK.

Thankfully, it appears that our house, which is in a suburb 20 miles to the north, was nowhere near this path of destruction. I would hate to have to deal with that kind of mess from the other side of the world.