Out of Complaints

I had lunch with a couple of colleagues today. There is a wonderful place on campus where we can eat our lunch--the Staff Club, which has an enormous patio that overlooks the side of a large green hill and a small lake. You really should join us if you happen to be around! Anyway, as I nibbled on my sandwich listening to these two very nice people, it suddenly occurred to me that I have run out of complaints. You see, while I was still at my old job in Atlanta, I would regularly get together with my friends and complain about all sorts of things having to do with my job and the field of psychology. The sad thing was these complaints carried on for years, rarely ever resulting in changes leading to any sort of satisfaction. It must have been miserable for my friends to listen to those same gripes, over and over. Sure, these days I do have the occasional whinge about this or that, but nothing that I really remember to bring up again the next day. It's been like this for several months now.

I guess I am happy!

And I apologise to those friends who put up with my moaning for all those years.