Bottle Opener Thongs

I am now the proud owner of bottle opener thongs. Let me explain:

We drove about 90 minutes north of Brisbane to Mooloolaba yesterday to go to Underwater World. As we passed through the Mooloolaba Wharf, I saw a sign for "bottle opener" (next line) "thongs," which I thought referred to two different items. After more than seventh months here, I now know that a necessary item of apparel for the man in Queensland is a pair of thongs ("flip-flops" for the Yanks), so I went inside looking for some. After realizing that I had fairly specific color requirements for my first pair, I settled on some brownish-coloured ones that had some extra padding on the heels. As I went to pay for them, the clerk mentioned how great these were because of the bottle openers underneath. "What?" I asked. And, sure enough, there is a bottle opener on the bottom of each thong. There were even instructions included showing some stick figures taking off their thongs to open a bottle. If you don't believe me, take a look at the picture below. This naturally begs the question, "why would I ever need two bottle openers when I'm out for a walk?"