Belly Laugh (an Update)

Just an update to my June 2 post. As of last night (June 15):
  1. Get rid of two cars (one is being donated, and one is being sold)
  2. Sell three sofas, the kitchen table, two beds, a dresser, a large desk, a coffee table, and some book shelves.
  3. Hold a garage sale for all the other smaller items.
  4. Sell a deck table and chairs, a BBQ, and another glass table set.
  5. Get the carpet cleaned and the hardwood floors polished.
  6. Hire painters to paint the kitchen and master bath.
  7. Close all accounts and services that we don't need once we leave (and figure out how to pay the ones we still need until the house is sold).
  8. Move two aquariums to other homes.
  9. Sell some electronics equipment on Craigslist (two TVs, a stereo, VCR, and some old Macs)
  10. Arrange to ship some things that didn't get taken by the movers.
  11. Rent a car (or minivan?).
  12. Say goodbye to all our friends.
  13. Give one more lecture, and grade 70 papers and 70 final exams (me).
  14. Throw away everything left at work (me).
  15. See the last patients (V. is doing this all the way until June 15).
  16. Take care of our 16-month-old.
More from Arkansas and Oklahoma later...