Why I Like Atlanta

Although we have made a deliberate decision to leave for now, I really would enjoy moving back to Atlanta someday. So, pretending for a moment that I never have any complaints about it, here's my list of reasons to like Atlanta (in no particular order):

1. Trees, trees, trees.
2. Midtown.
3. The excellent restaurant scene (Canoe and Babette's have been my favorites).
4. A visibly successful Black middle-class (as opposed to what I left in Los Angeles).
5. The Georgia Aquarium.
7. Piedmont Park.
8. Sweetwater Creek State Park.
9. Redtop Mountain State Park.
10. Northside Hospital (where our son was born).
11. The network of long streets that meander in all different directions without regard to the compass points and change names 2-3 times along the way.
12. Super Target.
13. The Malls (Lenox, Perimeter, and Northpoint are my favs).
14. Three Apple stores!
15. The misnamed Dekalb International Farmer's Market.
16. The general level of politeness of Southerners.
17. Being called "sweetie" by waitresses and women at the cash register.
18. Emory University.
19. Georgia State University.
20. Carter Presidential Library.
21. MLK Center (King's tomb is less than a mile from my office).
22. CNN center.
23. Philipps Arena.
24. A concert (and dinner) at Chastain Amphitheater.
25. Moe's.
26. Willy's.
27. The corner of Virginia and Highland.
28. Downtown Decatur.
29. Downtown Norcoss.
30. The Brickstore in Decatur.
31. Walking in Lullwater Park (near Emory).
32. Our subdivision and general neighborhood (Hunter's Woods and Deerfield in eastern Dunwoody/Sandy Springs).
33. Our house.
34. The birds that congregate at the four feeders outside my window.
35. Grilling dinner in the backyard.
36. The excitement that comes with the chance of snow flurries in Atlanta.
37. The great Atlanta airport.
38. The downtown skyline at night.
39. Seeing Stone Mountain from afar.
40. The Weather Channel (which is based here).
41. Felix at Mint Salon.
42. Jaclynn, our former personal trainer.
43. Spring in Atlanta.
44. Being able to drive to Savannah, one of my favorite cities.
45. All our friends.