Hot Summer in the City

Last week I finally finished teaching my fourth course since January. It was a three-week, intensive course in social psychology. I actually enjoy teaching it, but it always seems to come at me when I'm feeling the most exhausted.

Vikki and I are currently working out a nice tag-team schedule with the baby. On most days I go to GSU early in the morning, returning mid-afternoon. V. then heads off to the practice to see some patients until after 7. On Tuesdays (today), I spend the entire day at home with Will, and Thursdays V. does the same so that I can spend the day at work. I get absolutely NOTHING done when I'm taking care of Will by myself. He's really a great baby--never really cries, unless he's hungry or tired. It's just that he does need interaction. After about 10 minutes alone on the playmat or the bouncy chair he's had enough!

I turn in my first packet of tenure materials this week. This will comprise a packet that is sent to six external reviews who will comment on my career to date. I turn in the full "dossier" in September.

Well, just as I get started on this blog again, I can hear Will waking up from his nap!