Four Weeks That Changed My Life

Yes, it was four weeks ago tomorrow that our son arrived. I feel like I haven't done much in the past month except drink lots of coffee, hold our little baby, and try to figure out what I need to lecture about next. I'm poorly functioning in all spheres of my life--as a researcher, teacher, husband, son, and friend. Most of this is due to sleep deprivation, but it doesn't help that I'm not exercising and I'm consuming way too much caffeine.

I have made a couple of important decisions: (1) I'm going to delay applying tenure for another year, and (2) I'm going to take a family leave during the fall semester, which means I won't have to teach. I'll use that time to spend with Will, but I'll also travel to some meetings and working on grant proposals with my grad students. This means that I just have to make it to early June, and then I'll have about six months away from having to teach--my longest break in nearly 14 years!