My Fair Lady Long Ago?

My brother has been in touch with one of my high school friends, Tim Maculan, who is an accomplished film and TV actor. In fact, in the past few weeks Tim has been flying back and forth from New York to be on the set of the next "Spiderman" movie. In the nearly 25 years since we graduated from high school, I have only seen Tim once, when I happened to go to a taping of "Cybil" in Hollywood in 1995. I didn't watch that show much, so I didn't realize that he had a recurring role as the snooty waiter. He happened to be appearing in the episode that I was watching, when I suddenly realized who he was. During a break I called him over, we had a friendly reunion that lasted three minutes, and he gave me his phone number. Alas, I soon lost that number, moved away from LA, and never got in touch with him again.

Well, Tim's recent contact with my brother has resulted in my transferring the video of our high school production of "My Fair Lady" to DVD so that he can give it to Tim. The tape was made in March 1981, and is in poor quality, but it's still fun to see. The photo here comes from a series of stills that cast members could purchase from a professional photographer. That's Tim as Col. Pickering on the left, Lisa Jackson (now Lisa Nemeth) as Eliza Doolittle, and me on the right as a very young looking Prof. Higgins. Tim and Lisa ended up winning the best actor and actress awards at our high school that year, and it's clear in the video how truly great they were. And it's amazingly prescient how our director cast me as a professor!